My name is Darbie, I'm a band nerd who plays mellophone and french horn, i love a good butt, superheros, TMNT, sailor moon, and my shark hat. This will be as random as i am crazy! ENJOY
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Our Cute Kid


Read right to left.

Comic by Cockpit.  Translated by Sailor Scribbles.




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When your pet adjusts their position so they can lay their head on you


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And here are all the pretty soldier fancy naval officers of your choice. With a bonus.

All of them were tweaked/cleaned up in some way or another. Some of the designs were reviewed/modified. I also tried to make their planet symbols on the… belt things a bit clearer.

See captions (full view) for details on what was done for each senshi. If you want to compare with/view the originals:

moon | mercury | venus | mars | jupiter | saturn | uranus | neptune | pluto

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I get pumped around the end of August. WHAT YOU ARE SEEING IS RESTRAINT

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have a wonderful autumn season

its the great pumpkin, charlie brown

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this lion really got eyelashes

this lion is prettier than i am

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